We produce and sell mechanical components for several industrial fields since 2006


We at SIX SRL in Albinea (RE) have been specializing since 2006 in the production and marketing of custom mechanical parts in stainless steel, aluminum, steel, bronze, plastic, castings, micro-castings, pulleys, and shafts.

All this information is easily accessible on our OFFICIAL channels:
  • Website: www.sixsrl.it
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixmeccanica
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/six-meccanica

Unfortunately, for several months now, we have been receiving calls and complaints related to scams involving drones and household appliances ordered from a fictitious company named "ONE SIX," which has NOTHING TO DO WITH US and of which we know absolutely NOTHING.

Every time, we have kindly informed everyone that it is not us, that we are not involved in any way, and that they have the wrong number.

However, in recent days, we received yet another call containing INSULTS and THREATS, which led us to REPORT the incident to the authorities.

With this communication, we want to clarify once and for all and make anyone who intends to adopt inappropriate behavior towards us think twice because from now on we will report without any exceptions.

The management of SIX SRL


Six was born in 2006 and it is able to supply particulars on customers drawings in a wide range of materials as bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, micro casting, casting, pulleys and shafts.

We intend to provide a suitable and serious technical-commercial service to the customers and we make sure they may feel their privacy protected. Operating on different fields, we are able to supply small and large quantities of a suitable and quality product thanks to the checks directly carried out inside our factory.

Large fleet of CNC machines, grinders, lathes, saws, horizontal and vertical centers and much more

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